Virtual Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic student preceptorship
10 – 12 hours/ a week ~ 2 hours a day M-F to start w potential to grow if desired
Must be familiar with or learn:
Rate: $18/ hr + bonus

Chiropractic Student Preceptorship

We accept one intern per quarter from Life West Chiropractic College and Palmer West College. We offer internship and shadowing opportunities for chiropractic students, undergrad students, and aspiring personal trainers .

What is Ascent?

Ascent is a sports chiropractic and rehabilitation clinic that utilizes patient centered education to help people understand their bodies and injuries. By conducting a thorough assessment, we design treatment specific to the individual. Treatments address soft tissue, joint, and movement issues to get people out of pain and achieve both their short and long term movement goals.


We seek to improve our bodies, mind, health, and relationships week by week, year by year. We acknowledge that health is a lifetime objective and seek to increase the quality of life into old age. This means consistently being exposed to new ideas and research and continuing to provide our clients with the most exceptional training techniques and healing modalities.
We think both inside and outside the box to develop treatment strategies for our clients. We conduct pre and post testing to ensure positive change and rely on feedback from our clients for the best possible outcomes.
Attention to Detail
Cookie cutter approach has no place here! Each human that walks through our doors has a unique health and injury history and unique movement goals. This is why we assess our people at every session to make sure we are picking the treatments and interventions that will help them most.
We delight in our practice members, clients, and patients and strive to create an environment of authenticity and trust. We embrace diversity as an asset and an essential component of building better solutions and communities. We stand with our LGBTQ+, black, brown, and indigenous people for a better world.
While injuries and movement are serious business, we are committed to bringing levity and inspiration to our everyday work and relationships. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Have fun and heal, train, and get strong with us!

Ready to Join the Ascent Team?

Please send a copy of your resume, CV, and/ or linkedin profile.
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