Shoulder Pain

Are You a Sportsperson or an Active Individual Experiencing Limitations Due to Shoulder Pain?

A Personal Message from Dr. Krystal Drwencke DC
If you answered “Yes” to any of these inquiries, you have come to the right place!

It is a prevalent misconception to assume that shoulder pain is insignificant and will naturally disappear over time.


Similarly, it is common to attribute it to “sleeping in an awkward position” or consider it a universal experience that everyone encounters at some stage in their lives.


If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured that you are not alone. We frequently encounter individuals who share these sentiments.


Indeed, shoulder pain among runners and athletes is a widespread issue that we frequently encounter in our clinic.

Before Seeking Treatment at Ascent Sports Rehab & Performance, a Significant Number of Our Patients Experiencing Shoulder Pain Are Advised With the Following:

The Reality About Shoulder Pain Is:

"Our goal is to assist adults in the Detroit area in overcoming injuries and achieving greater strength. We strive to help you avoid unnecessary time off, all without relying on medications, injections, or surgery."

When faced with a shoulder injury, it can be overwhelming to determine the best course of action. You may encounter various options:
  • Attempting a stretching routine suggested by a friend that worked for them but doesn’t yield the same results for you.
  • Seeking assistance from additional healthcare professionals or even different chiropractors, only to find that their advice or treatments provide no relief.
  • Following YouTube “experts” recommend specific exercises, only to find that they exacerbate the pain.
  • Trying out a yoga or pilates class, but finding that your pain hinders your progress and leaves you feeling worse.

All the while, the doctor’s advice remains centered around rest and taking medication.


When confronted with a serious issue like back pain and stiffness, selecting the right healthcare provider is crucial.


Making the wrong choice could result in unnecessary and risky surgery or reliance on addictive painkillers for the rest of your life. It is essential to prioritize the “least invasive” and most natural treatment option to effectively address your back pain and stiffness, preventing its recurrence.


To achieve this, it is vital to work with a provider who goes beyond merely treating the pain and is dedicated to identifying the underlying causes of your condition.


That is when you can expect to obtain a permanent solution to your problems.

Experience Our Ascent Sports Rehab & Performance 3-Step Method for Enhanced Wellness.

STEP 1: Discover the Root Cause of Your Pain
Through a comprehensive biomechanical assessment, we will uncover the underlying cause of your discomfort. We will then provide a clear explanation of the necessary steps to restore your optimal functionality and allow you to resume the activities you enjoy.
STEP 2: Address and Resolve Your Specific Issues
We will develop a personalized treatment plan that precisely caters to your needs and aspirations. This plan will empower us to strengthen your body, alleviate pain, and accelerate your progress toward your goals more efficiently and effectively.
STEP 3: Attain Peak Performance
After restoring your ability to exercise pain-free, we will implement strategies to help you achieve an even higher level of performance compared to your pre-injury state. Additionally, we will employ preventive measures to “bulletproof” your body and reduce the likelihood of future injuries.

Bid Farewell to Back Pain and Prevent Its Return Once and for All!

At Ascent Sports Rehab & Performance, we specialize in assisting you to:
You no longer have to compromise the activities you love due to issues that can be resolved.
Let’s schedule a conversation to explore how you can regain your sense of self and vitality.


Dr. Krystal Drwencke DC

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